Critical careTrends

Critical careTrends Benefits

  • Improved, more efficient workflow.
  • This healthcare software fully automates the transfer of clinical data from bedside and mobile devices to your EMR or Hospital Information System (HIS).
  • Patient focused – Clinician has bedside access to trend line data.
  • Vital sign data is immediately available for clinicians’ use.
  • Reduced clerical work means more time nursing. Saves 2 hours per shift of nurse’s time.
  • Eliminates the need for manual documentation by automating the workflow process.
  • Eliminates documentation errors.
  • All data is time and date stamped.
  • Works with existing network infrastructure and monitoring equipment.
  • Presently deployed with Philips Merlin, Philips Intellivue and GE Solar Hemodynamic monitors, Putiran Bennett and Maquet ventilators, and Hospira CCO monitors.
  • Other devices can be included as required.

The average saving of nursing time is 2 hours per shift.

Specifically designed for the Critical Care environment, Critical careTrends® automatically gathers data from Hemodynamic monitors and other equipment and sends it to existing Electronic Medical Records.

Click one of the following to see a diagram that illustrates how careTrends® collects, processes, and distributes medical data: