Specialty careTrends

Specialty careTrendsTM Benefits

  • Improved, more efficient workflow.
  • Patient focused – Clinician has bedside access to trend line data.
  • Vital sign data is immediately available for clinicians’ use.
  • Reduced clerical work means more time nursing. Saves 2 hours per shift of nurse’s time
  • Eliminates the need for manual documentation by automating the workflow process.
  • Eliminates documentation errors.
  • All data is time and date stamped.
  • Works with existing network infrastructure and monitoring equipment.
  • Presently deployed with Philips Merlin, Philips Intellivue and GE Solar Hemodynamic monitors, Putiran Bennett and Maquet ventilators, and Hospira CCO monitors.
  • Other devices can be included as required.

Specialty Care Clinics:

In addition to delivering Patient Vital Signs from the hospital bedside, Specialty careTrendsTM can also deliver the data directly from Ventilators, OB Maternity Monitors, Oncology, Dialysis, and Outpatient Surgical Centers and customize the user interface and dashboards for Providers.

Click one of the following to see a diagram that illustrates how careTrends® collects, processes, and distributes medical data: